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Since 1965, Yantis Company has prided itself on not only being a contractor, but a valuableĀ member of the complete project development team. Yantis Company has always been committedĀ to providing our clients the best pricing which includes value engineering. This ability saves ourĀ development clients both time and money.Ā The Yantis estimating team averages over 20 years of construction and design experience andĀ has helped build or bid billions of dollarsā€™ worth of projects throughout Texas.Ā Recently, Yantis Company worked with Pulte Group to reduce the budget of a project by over $1.1Ā million dollars.

The value engineering included redesigning the lot grading criteria to reduce theĀ amount of rock excavation, in addition to redesigning the street layout to reduce drainageĀ infrastructure. At Johnson Ranch for DH Development, Yantis Company helped value engineer theĀ plans saving the client over $538,000 (11% from original price). This value engineering includedĀ redesigning the storm drainage, water and sanitary sewer layouts in addition to redesigning the lotĀ layout to give the developer two additional lots.

ā€œArnold and the Yantis team wereĀ integral in our efforts to value-engineerĀ street, drainage and utilityĀ improvements and expedite getting ourĀ development going as soon as possible.Ā Arnoldā€™s engineering background andĀ past experience working for landĀ developers provided us an importantĀ third-party perspective on theĀ construction plans. Yantis workedĀ alongside our engineers to make someĀ value driven design modifications andĀ also improved the land plan.ā€

-Charlie Hill

If Yantis Company can be involved on your project, please give us a call at 210.655.3780 or emailĀ us at marketing For more information about Yantis Company and itsĀ projects, please visit our website at

todd-comptonYantis Company is pleased to announce the hiring of Todd Compton as the new Director of Business Development. A 21 year resident of San Antonio, Todd has over 16 years of professional experience in strategic planning, business development, meeting facilitation, public involvement, project development, project teaming, project management, environmental permitting and construction inspection.

Please feel free to reach out to Todd at [email protected] or (210) 771ā€5989.