In mid-February Yantis Company began the sitework portion of BV Carrier warehouse. Located on Applewhite Road, the site will include a 513,000 sf tiltwall industrial facility with a 302,000 sf storage pad, plus 45 acres of associated sitework and a turn lane. Yantis is working on this project for FA Peinado Construction and BoDen, LLC. It is owned by Tom Leiser of Bandera Ventures and was designed by Pape-Dawson Engineers.

The project, which is being run on an expedited schedule, includes 408,000 cy of excavation and embankment. Yantis is currently running ten scrapers to handle the schedule along with a massive embankment crew. In the grading phase alone, Yantis has 25 personnel onsite working seven days a week.

Click here to a video of Yantis Company in action.

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